Urban Poverty

About the partnership

The objectives of the Partnership are to contribute to the reduction of poverty and to improve the inclusion of people in poverty or at risk of poverty in deprived neighbourhoods. Urban poverty requires solutions that need to be designed and applied to integrated approaches: 1/ Place-based solutions: urban regeneration of deprived neighbourhoods and 2/ People-based solutions: socio-economic integration of specific population groups (focus on children).


Member States

  • Belgium (Coordinator)
  • France (Coordinator)
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Spain 


  • Brussels Capital Region (BE)
  • Île-de-France (FR)

Urban areas

  • Birmingham (UK)
  • Daugavpils (LV)
  • Keratsini-Drapetsona (EL)
  • Kortrijk (BE)
  • Lille (FR)
  • Łódź (PL)
  • Timișoara (RO) 

European/ national city umbrella organisation

  • Eurocities
  • URBACT (Observer)

Other stakeholders

  • European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN)
  • European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA)
  • UN Habitat
  • Eurochild

European institutions

  • European Commission (DG EMPL, DG REGIO)

Concrete actions


Transversal Actions – Cohesion Policy Post 2020 Block Grant for Urban Authorities To Fight Poverty


Transversal Actions – Setting up an European network of national observatories with experience in urban poverty


Transversal Actions – Developing data on urban poverty at EU level


Child Poverty – Adoption of a European Child Guarantee


Child Poverty – Progress towards a directive on investing in children based on the Recommendation Investing in Children Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage

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