Greening Cities Partnership Survey
08 January 2024
Greening Cities

Greening Cities call for the contribution of public authorities

Are you a national, regional or local urban authority with ambitions and experiences with creating green urban areas? As part of their process to define concrete actions, the Greening Cities Partnership would like your contribution in their recently launched survey.

The Greening Cities Thematic Partnership has launched a survey addressing urban authorities at the national, regional, and local levels. This survey is a critical step in the Partnership’s development of an action plan, which will outline specific measures to support urban authorities in addressing challenges identified within the scope of the theme "greening cities". The partnership has identified four sub-themes on which the survey is focused: Funding, Indicators Systems, Implementing Green Infrastructure and Nature Based Solutions, and Methodology for Quantifying the Demand for Green Infrastructure at a Local Level.

The aim of this survey is to gather information, including both challenges and good practices, from national, regional and local authorities. This information will encompass the current status of legislation, policies, financing, and methodologies related to green and blue infrastructure. Responses from various levels of urban authorities will significantly contribute to formulating a set of actions which will be further developed in the upcoming years. At the same time, these answers are crucial in preventing any duplication of existing initiatives and in scaling up relevant measures.

You can access the survey here  and in the side bar of this webpage. 

For more information about the Greening Cities Thematic Partnership, visit our dedicated webpage.

Please note the submission deadline is 31st January 2024.