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29 October 2021
Security in Public Spaces

Action 5 - Final report on The importance of social cohesion for urban crime prevention

Action 5  - Measure the impact of social cohesion on security in public spaces sought to contribute to the development of a more secure, safe, and resilient local community. It provided local policymakers and security managers with a hands-on method for measuring the impact of local social cohesion actions on urban security and feelings of insecurity within the local community.

The Partnership has now produced a final report summarising the Action's results. The findings provide advice for local crime prevention and harmful polarization processes. Furthermore, it intends to provide a standard technique for local security managers to measure the impact of current local social cohesion Actions, as well as to give a new approach that local security managers may use to identify new solutions to complicated social or insecurity challenges.

Local decision makers want to know what works in creating safer cities. Local administrators need to prepare dossiers in order to make the best possible decisions. The central question is how social cohesion measures relate to security measures and the instruments to do so need to be hands-on, concrete, ready to use and user-friendly. This final report provides a comprehensive and documented overview of these instruments.

For more information, download the below report!

Action 5 - Final report
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